Rocchio | Fox Tennis Group

Rocchio | Fox Tennis Group

The men's recreational group run by Jeffrey Rocchio and Arnold Fox.
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   * Thursday evenings, 6:00pm.
   * Bailey Road Park.
   * Click link below for playing schedule and locations:


PLAYING TIMES AND COURT LOCATIONS: We send out weekly reminder emails for our play dates. The reminder emails will show the playing location planned as of Wednesday night. You can also display the RECREATIONAL PLAYING SCHEDULE to see dates, times and locations. But note that weather or crowds may cause us to shift locations on any given day. We use the GroupMe text messaging service to chat in real-time if conditions warrant redirecting to a different location. GroupMe number is 424-543-6177. Contact Jeff Rocchio to get enrolled in this.

RATING: We are are a group of, generally, USTA 4.0 rated players (see Self Rating Guidelines link below).

JOINING US: If you want to come play with us, just come out to whereever we are playing that day. Ask for the "Arnold Fox" or "Jeff Rocchio" group. We're a friendly bunch of guys, we'll do intros and you'll play with us. OR you can email Jeff Rocchio (see contact link at bottom of this page) to make arrangements and confirm playing days and times. We'll put you on our email list. We send out a weekly email to remind everyone of the playing schedule for that week, and we ask for an RSVP confirmation of your intent to play that week. That's about it. Plain and simple.

GROUP PHOTOS: To send a group related photo to our photo repository, email it to: Appropriate photos only please! The 5 most recently sent photos will display on this hompage. All the photos may be viewed at: Lake Tennis' photostream

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